Welcome and overview

Lucy Edge COO of SA Catapult and Martin McHugh, CTO and Acting CEO of CSA Catapult

Opening Plenary: Power in Space

Alastair McGibbon, Head of Collaborative R&D, CSA Catapult

Why in Space, Not on Earth?

Josh Western, Space Forge

How to get into Space?

Advenit Makaya, ESA

UK Capability

Mike Lawton, Oxford Dynamics

Panel Sessions

Panel 1 – Hosted by Satellite Applications Catapult

Panel 2 – Hosted by Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult – Chaired by Dr Andy Sellars, Strategic Development Director CSA Catapult
> Rajan Bedi, CEO Spacechips
> Liz Seward, Senior Strategist, Space Systems, Airbus
> Dr Ote Kock, Technical Authority, Teledyne

Closing Plenary: Panel Summary and Returning Items to Earth

Michael Curtis Rouse, Head of Manufacturing for Space, SA Catapult and Dr Chris Brunskill, D-Orbit